Lottery Services in Cambodia

In Cambodia, Sunloto provided comprehensive lottery technology services to LELOT (Cambodia) Co., Ltd., which was authorized by the Cambodian Ministry of Economy and Finance to issue and sell national computerized lotteries and instant lottery tickets throughout the country. Here's an overview of the case and the services provided by Sunloto.

LELOT (Cambodia) Co., Ltd, obtained a license from the Cambodian Ministry of Economy and Finance, provision of nationwide issuance and sale of computerized and instant lottery tickets in Cambodia.

Sunloto's role was to offer an end-to-end technological solution for LELOT, encompassing game development, hardware provision, and the implementation of distribution, sales, and management systems to ensure the smooth operation of the lottery business in Cambodia.

Lottery Game Design

Developed engaging and compliant lottery game formats and mechanics.

Lottery Games

5D, 6D, 5/20, High-frequency Lottery Games, Instant Scratch Lottery Games.

Distribution System

Implemented a system to manage the distribution of lottery tickets across various channels.

Sales System

Provided a comprehensive sales system for the efficient operation of lottery ticket sales.

Sales Hardware and Support Facilities

Supplied the necessary hardware for lottery sales, including terminals and other related equipment.

Management System

Delivered a robust management system for overseeing all aspects of the lottery operation, from sales tracking to revenue management.

Marketing and business development strategies

Sunloto makes the business strategy and lead the team execute it.

Product design and social media impact

Sunlot localizes all the products accordingly and help client win the local market.

Sample of live streaming instant tickets sale