Lottery Services in Kenya

In the case study involving a client in Kenya, Sunloto provided substantial operational and technical support for the launch and management of lottery operations. Here are the services provided by Sunloto.

In this engagement, Sunloto's role was to deliver extensive support and services tailored to the client's needs, ensuring the successful operation and management of the lottery initiative in Kenya.

Operational Support for Lottery Management

Sunloto facilitated the establishment and operation of both online and offline lottery systems.

Technology and Systems Provisioning

Sunloto supplied the necessary technology and systems for conducting lottery games, including software platforms and point-of-sale (POS) systems.

Instant Win Scratch Card Services

Sunloto provided services related to physical scratch cards and supported live lottery streaming products.

Regulatory Compliance Assistance

Sunloto helped in acquiring and maintaining the necessary lottery licenses and administrative approvals, ensuring compliance with the local regulatory framework.

Strategic Partnerships and Network Building

Sunloto aided in establishing strategic collaborations with local entities such as telecommunications operators, broadcasters, and retail networks to expand the lottery's reach and efficiency.

Comprehensive Operational Management

Sunloto supported the day-to-day management of lottery operations, including financial management, customer service, and coordination with stakeholders.

Marketing and Promotion

Sunloto offered marketing and promotional assistance to enhance the lottery's market presence and engage players.

Technical and Customer Support

Sunloto provided ongoing technical and customer care services to ensure seamless operations and customer satisfaction.