Lottery Backend Management  System

Key Features
  • Order Management: Offers detailed tracking and management of lottery orders, including printing and payout statuses.

  • Game Management: Facilitates the management of lottery games, including the setting of draw periods, issuance, and the configuration of sale status.

  • User Account Management: Enables detailed administration of user accounts, including the distribution of coupons and management of system notifications.

  • Coupon Management: Provides a system for creating and distributing coupons as incentives or rewards to users.

  • Financial Management: Integrates a financial module for tracking and managing transactions, including user recharges, withdrawals, and commission payments.

  • Risk Control: Incorporates risk management features to safeguard the lottery operation, focusing on real-time restrictions and limitations on betting to prevent fraud and abuse.

  • System Monitoring: Includes real-time monitoring tools to track the activity of online users and scheduled tasks within the system.

  • Version Management: Manages updates and upgrades to the customer-facing lottery applications, ensuring users have access to the latest features.

  • News Management: Allows for the administration of news articles and updates, providing content management for customer engagement.

  • Log and Notification Management: Keeps a comprehensive log of all activities and manages the delivery of system-wide notifications and announcements.

  • Role and Permission Settings: Ensures granular access control by assigning specific roles and permissions to different operators within the system.