Streaming Instant Win Scratch Sales Platform

Key Features
  • Pioneering Video Instant-Win Platform: Sunloto offers a world-exclusive platform that combines video live streaming with traditional instant lottery ticket sales, creating an immersive and interactive purchasing experience.

  • Extensive Industry Experience: Founded in Beijing in 2008, Sunloto boasts over 18 years of expertise in lottery management and operations across Mainland China and Southeast Asia, with a proven track record in running prominent lottery brands.

  • Comprehensive Services Across Regions: The company has provided lottery services to over 20 provincial lottery centers in China and now extends its advanced lottery technology services to Asia and Europe.

  • Renowned Clientele and Partnerships: Sunloto has delivered online and mobile sales platforms for numerous prestigious enterprises, including Alibaba,,, and others, highlighting its trusted and reputable standing in the industry.

  • Certifications and Security: Sunloto's technical products are ISO 9001:2015 and ISMS 27001:2013 certified, ensuring high standards of quality and security.

  • Market Insights and Trends Adaptation: The platform addresses the evolving landscape of the lottery market, recognizing the shift towards virtual games and leveraging internet accessibility to drive online lottery market growth.

  • Demographic and Consumer Behavior Understanding: Sunloto capitalizes on the younger demographic trend in global video users, offering a platform that appeals to a younger, tech-savvy audience with a preference for online and mobile engagement.

  • Innovative Sales and Operational Features: The platform encompasses a comprehensive suite of services including user management, sales management, game management, and financial management, among others.

  • Interactive and Engaging Live Streaming Experience: With live hosts and interactive features, Sunloto transforms traditional scratch card purchasing into an engaging live event, enhancing the customer experience and attracting a broader audience.

  • Tailored Solutions for Market Needs: Sunloto's platform is designed to revitalize the instant-win scratch card market by introducing innovative sales channels, reducing costs, and providing a modern, efficient, and secure lottery purchasing experience.

Sample of live streaming instant tickets sale