SMS Lottery Sales Platform

Key Features
  • User-Friendly Process: Users can easily register and participate in lottery games by sending a simple SMS with their chosen numbers.

  • Language Selection: Provides language options for users, enhancing accessibility and user experience.

  • Instant Confirmation: Upon purchasing a lottery ticket, users receive immediate confirmation via SMS, along with details of the draw times and how to view them live.

  • Prize Notifications: Winners are notified directly through SMS, ensuring they are promptly informed of their success.

  • Error Handling: The platform has built-in mechanisms to guide users in case of SMS format errors or purchasing issues, ensuring a smooth user experience.

  • Automatic Subscription: Offers an option for users to subscribe to automatic lottery purchasing, providing daily entries without the need for manual intervention.

  • Flexible Number Selection: Subscribers can change their lottery numbers at any time through a simple SMS command.

  • Direct Account Credit: In case of issues such as failed transactions, the platform can automatically credit the user's account with the appropriate amount.

  • Real-Time Draw Information: Users are kept informed about draw times and can watch live draws via linked social media platforms or the official app.

  • Comprehensive Support: Provides a hotline for immediate assistance and feedback, ensuring user satisfaction and support.